Pugbutts Official Robot


Basic Information

Pugbutts Official Robot is a bot hosted by rovertdude#3439 that does many things - such as moderation to music!
The bot invite is at https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=241700775129120779&scope=bot&permissions=8
The bot prefix is !: for each command
The official Discord is located at https://discord.gg/014H42SGot9Ti5D
The bot needs $20 only in order to be 24/7 on a VPS. Please help me get my goal at patreon.com/rovertdude or paypal.me/rovertdude
Would be great if you would like to invite me to your Discord with the robot - message if you want to rovertdude#3439
Want to get partnered? Use !:submitserver!

Donation Information

Donations go purely to Pugbutts to get it on a VPS in !:donate.

Association with Pugbutts

To associate a server or bot with Pugbutts, join the official Discord and/or message rovertdude#3439 explaining it.


Pugbutts Official Robot has a variety of commands, including:


The bot has a blacklist role called simply Blacklisted - add anyone to it and as long as they have it they cant use the bot! (only for that server)
The mod-log mentioned above is a channel you can make - logs certain cmds and more!


There are other random commands I made that are unlisted - most are just for fun.


Q: Who owns the bot?
A: rovertdude
Q: I can’t use addrole when it’s a valid role name!
A: addrole is case sensitive for roles, same thing for config
Q: Are you a pug?
A: yes bb

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